Veterinary School

The Waste Management and Hygiene  Department coordinates, implements and supervises the Waste Management Plan of the School of Veterinary Medicine, as well as its contracts with outsourced cleaning companies. Attributions and competences:

  • Regular distribution of boxes of sharp-edged materials, containers for repackaging of chemical waste for  laboratories;
  • Collecting chemical waste and forwarding it to intermediary shelter. Weighing  chemical waste; listing all chemical waste generated and entering in databank.
  • Writing letters, documents, reports, technical opinions.
  • Supervising and providing continuous guidance on biological and infectious, chemical, radioactive, common and sharp-edged waste and sorting-at-source;
  • Request regular evaluation of the type of waste and form of packing and disposal;
  • Identification and distribution of waste beans on premises;
  • Regular meetings in the Division of Environmental Management and Waste Program;
  • Regular meetings in the Division of Contracts/DLO to discuss contracts and issues;
  • Supervision of cleaning employees of the outsourced company, providing guidance, regular meetings and monitoring of activities, check frequency and use of materials;
  • Supervision and monitoring of activities, frequency, use of materials and supervision of contract with outsourced company that feeds the animals, involving regular meetings;
  • Receive and check cleaning materials;
  • Daily notification of contracts, absences and issues involving cleaning staff and outsourced team to the inspection sector;
  • Inspection and monitoring of sanitary conditions and cleaning of workshops and animal bays around the School and the Veterinary Hospital, in order to verify the presence of vectors (dengue mosquitoes and leishmaniosis, rodents and others).
  • Lectures in undergraduate and graduate courses at the UFMG and other universities, as well as national events, giving guidance and disseminating the Waste Management approach in Veterinary Medicine.


Waste Management and Hygiene

Phone: +55 31 3409-2053
Email: resíduos@vet.ufmg.br  or mcstehling@vet.ufmg.br

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