Dean's Office

Professor Renato de Lima Santos

Graduated in Veterinary Medicine and received a Master’s degree from the Veterinary School at the Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais. Received a PhD degree in veterinary pathology at Texas A&M University. Post doc fellow at the University of California Davis, where he served as Visiting Associate Professor. He received a “livre-docente” title from the Universidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP - Botucatu), and did a training course at the Institut Pasteur - Paris. Full Professor and advisor for master and doctoral students. Research fellow level 1A of the National Research Council (CNPq). Former president of the Brazilian Association for Veterinary Pathology – ABPV (2009-2011) and Dean of Research at the Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (2010-2014).


Phone:  +55 31 3409 2040
Fax: +55 31 3409 2030
Email: diretor@vet.ufmg.br

Professor Sandra Gesteira Coelho

Graduated in veterinary medicine (1983), has a master’s degree in veterinary medicine in the field of reproduction (1988), and a doctoral degree in Animal Science in the field of nutrition (1999), all degrees from the Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais. She is currently associate professor at the Veterinary School of the Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais. She has expertise in the area of calf raising, dairy cattle production, feeding, and reproduction. She is a former coordinator of the extension center (Cenex) of the UFMG Veterinary School, director of the Experimental Farm at Igarapé (2002-2003), and head of the Department of Zootechnics at the UFMG Veterinary School (2010-2011).

Phone: +55 31 3409 2029
Email: sandra@vet.ufmg.br

Administrative Management

The Administrative Management assists the Dean and other Administrative Sectors of the School of Veterinary Medicine, according to the guidelines and, among others, has the following responsibilities:
-    Meet dean and/or vice-dean when necessary
-    Implement decisions of the dean
-    Monitor with Human Resources Departments the distribution of FUMP student interns and apprentices of the Red Cross, preparing reports, profiles, requirements and selection of positions for the School
-    Guide and monitor professor vertical progression procedures towards Associate Professor
-    Coordinate and organize, together with the General Office, the holding of events promoted by the dean, such as: commemorative events, inaugurations, homages and get-togethers;
-    Take minutes and participate in meetings of the School management;
-    Processes involving administrative disciplinary issues: assist the dean in evaluating facts, start procedures through naming a commission, assisting the commissions with legislation and management of the processes, give administrative support, providing the necessary infrastructure for the work of the commission, establish contacts with the Legal Department of UFMG in order to promote the smooth running of the procedures.
-    Agreements: forward minutes of agreements, keeping records, to the Agreements Division of UFMG; correct minutes of agreements according to opinion issued by the Legal Department of UFMG; collect signatures and forward agreement to participants; control the file of agreements and their timeframes; forward proposals for extension of agreements when of interest to the parties.
-    System for issuing per-diem and tickets, request per-diem and tickets approved by the dean, reporting per-diem and tickets issued.
-    Telephones: control the types of extensions; send requests for alterations and management of extensions; control the distribution of outlets, de-installation and installation of new extensions.


Administrative Management

Phone: +55 31 3409 2002
Email: diretor@vet.ufmg.br

The General Office of the School of Veterinary Medicine assists the dean, vice-dean and administrative superintendent in the following attributions: control the mandates of members of the Congregation, of the Board of the Prof. Hélio Barbosa Veterinary Hospital and Experimental Farm: draw up a calendar, agenda and minutes of the meetings of the Congregation and Supplementary agencies; implement the decisions of collegiate meetings, issuing letters and informing the decisions to the relevant departments; monitor all public competitions for teachers for permanent positions; coordinate the graduation procedures from the first information to freshmen till the final solemn graduation session; issue decisions and public tenders as determined by the dean; control the use of photocopies and bindings; control the accounts of institutional mobile phones, program vehicles and control the use of the Professor José Oswaldo Costa sports center.


General Office

Phone: +55 31 3409 2025
Email: secrgeral@vet.ufmg.br

Escola de Veterinária da UFMG
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