The National Science and Technology Institute (Instituto Nacional de Ciência e Tecnologia INCT) focuses on genetic-sanitary information about Brazilian Farming and is part of a wide national program promoted in partnership with the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development  (CNPq) and other state agencies fostering research. The Institute has its headquarters in the School of Veterinary Medicine of UFMG, and is one of the eight institutes with headquarters in the University.

Its main objective is creating and maintaining a data bank on Brazilian animal production. Its goal is setting up a network of laboratories in the national territory to jointly adapt, develop, innovate and carry out methods and means, in order to keep and make available information on the various animal production systems of economic interest.

In order to make this goal possible, the INCT has the following specific objectives: characterize the geographic distribution of the various animal production systems of zoo-technical interest, genetically characterize the species and races of zoo-technical interest, carry out studies focusing on the prevalence and spatial distribution of infectious and parasitic diseases among the various species involved in the research. Also, as the result of the genetic development actions of the INCT, it has also developed and applied processes of molecular genotyping for the characterization of reference strains, for the certification of animal origin products in order to detect fraud, as well as to develop and apply animal forensic genetics. In sanitation the end goal is to have a data bank of genetically described microorganisms under the coordination of the Ministry of Agriculture.

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