Comunication Sector

The work of the Press Office is managing the interface of the School of Veterinary Medicine of the UFMG with the press. This involves meeting requests and demands of various media channels, sending content as releases, with suggestions of texts for journalists. The Press Office is one of the main activities of the Communications Department of the School and caring for these requests is a priority, since this is an important communication channel between the academic community and society. 
Answering to the press occurs along the following line: a journalist contacts the Communications Department which, in turn, contacts the faculty member most relevant for that inquiry, putting the journalist in contact with that faculty member. Contacts of specialists are not distributed before getting their approval. Therefore, it protects the privacy of the researcher and provides journalists with an appropriate source that is willing to respond. The Press Office also supports the interviewee and the journalists, finding a suitable setting for interviews, contacts, pictures and further information to fill out the story to be produced.
This service may be requested by telephone +55 (31) 3409-2017 or e-mail: comunica@vet.ufmg.br
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