Igarapé Farm

The Prof. Hélio Barbosa Experimental Farm (FEPHB), purchased by UFMG in 1963, is in the town of Igarapé – State of Minas Gerais, 5 km from the Fernão Dias  Highway (BR381). With a total area of 240 hectares  and operating as a support agency of the School of Veterinary Medicine of the  UFMG, it supports undergraduate and graduate  teaching and research and extension activities, especially in milk cattle, egg laying and slaughter poultry, quail farming, forage production, horse farming, rabbit farming, sheep, goat and pig farming. 
The farm has a Training Center with a restaurant, lodgings, a classroom with audiovisual resources and an office. The center is often used by students and teachers of the School of Veterinary Medicine and other entities of UFMG, and, occasionally, by other institutions.
FEPHB has an infrastructure and qualified personnel for research projects in the areas of animal production and sanitation, and several practical classes in the undergraduate and graduate courses in Veterinary Medicine and Zoo Technology. In animal experiments, the farm is involved in several projects in milk cattle farming, cattle and pig reproduction, pig nutrition, cattle, slaughter and egg-laying poultry, quails, rabbits, development and evaluation of vaccines, dairy products, sanitation, forage production, animal sanitation and pasture creation. 
In order to supply food to the farm animals, for the animals of the Model Farm in Pedro Leopoldo, as well as the animals of the Veterinary Hospital and the School of Veterinary Medicine, the farm has an animal feed factory. Farm products are sold in a shop at the main gate.
The farm also assists in student and research activities, but it also intends to reinforce and increase university extension activities in the neighboring community. As well as bringing the community into the farm, disseminating and spreading the knowledge through teaching and research, the university extension permits knowledge of reality beyond the academic environment, making it possible to assess needs and demands for new research and other actions. Therefore, it is possible for the academic community to build, alter and improve the directions and guidelines of the university itself, seeking possible solutions for the problems that are identified.
Escola de Veterinária da UFMG
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