Arquivo Brasileiro de Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia (ABMVZ - Brazilian Archive of Veterinary Medicine and Zootechnology) is a scientific journal  published continuously since 1943. Its bimonthly issues intend to publish original scientific articles and scientific releases in the area of Veterinary Medicine, Zootechnology, Technology and Inspection of Products of Animal Origin and related sciences.  
ABMVZ is part of a small group of scientific journals indexed by  ISI (Institute of Scientific Information), Scielo (Scientific Electronic Library Online) and Qualis of Capes, with classification B1 international in the areas of Veterinary Medicine and Zootechnology, recognized as one of the most important in this sphere in the country. It publishes scientific papers by Brazilian and foreign researchers and its printed issues are distributed in the main university libraries in Brazil and abroad. Because it is a B international standard, with a distinction classification, the articles submitted have increased significantly and constantly over the years, from 235 papers in 2000 to 626 in 2010.
Those interested in submitting articles for analysis and publication should follow the instructions on the site, which also has forms for enrollment by authors and reviewers, as well as free consultation of previously published articles. 
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