Department of Technology and Inspection of Products of Animal Origin

The Department of Technology and Inspection of Animal Products (DTIPOA) provides focused training on the processes of production and quality control of animal products for veterinary doctors.
The objective of the department is to train professionals to promote and assure the wholesomeness of animal products. These include meet, milk and dairy products, eggs, honey and fish. Through a hygiene-sanitary and technological control, the inspectors take part in all the process of preparing, processing and inspection of animals and facilities, as well as final products.
Escola de Veterinária da UFMG
Av. Antônio Carlos 6627
Caixa Postal 567, Campus Pampulha da UFMG
CEP 31270-901. Belo Horizonte, MG
TELEPHONE: +55 31 3409-2001