Scientific Initiation

The Scientific Initiation Program has the main objective of  awakening scientific vocations and encouraging potential talents among undergraduate students, by participating in research projects with academic quality, scientific merit and adequate individual and continued supervision. This participation may be linked to fellowships or may be voluntary. In the first case, the fellowships come from a funding agency (such as Fapemig or CNPq). There is also an industry fellowship funded by private initiative companies working in partnership with the School of Veterinary Medicine, providing scholarships for specific researchers in the School. 
Always guided by qualified researchers and/or experienced research groups, the projects generally culminate with the publication of scientific papers. Scientific Initiation serves as an incentive for training new researchers with a view to continuing their scientific training, encouraging them to do graduate studies. The program makes it possible to learn techniques and methods and develop scientific thinking and creation, increasing their critical spirit and preparing the students for future research.
Scientific initiation complements academic learning, since it provides an opportunity to apply information acquired in the undergraduate course in training in scientific knowledge. It also helps in the understanding that science is not static and that it is possible to contribute to the evolution of knowledge.
Another benefit is the exchange between students and teachers within and between UFMG entities, since most of the research covers different fields of knowledge, as well as the opportunity for participation in conferences, symposia, meetings, lectures, among others, improving the contact of these students with other national and international research groups.
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