Extension Center

The School of Veterinary Medicine considers extension as a fundamental pillar for the success of its activities. It is an educational, cultural, scientific and political interdisciplinary process promoting a transformational interaction between the university and other sectors of society.
From the academic point of view, extension is essential so that research and teaching can be more sensitive to the social and economic reality – therefore, more appropriate for a society which is still unfair and unequal. From the social point of view, extension enables the School of Veterinary Medicine to be an agent of change, seeking to reduce economic and public health problems, by transmitting the knowledge it has and develops, and by adapting techniques of providing services. 
The Extension Center of the School of Veterinary Medicine (CENEx) assists the Extension Vice-President of the UFMG and is responsible for planning, disseminating, assisting, supporting, monitoring and organizing all the extension activities carried out by the School.  It disseminates new techniques, processes and inputs generated by research through various programs and projects, services, courses and events for students, technicians, farmers and the community, as well as Practical Integrated Field Classes  (APICs).
Escola de Veterinária da UFMG
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