Research Areas

Evaluation and implementation of policies and strategies in public and environmental health
Syllabus: Carry out research for the scientific underpinning of public health and environmental policies for populations or population subgroups, especially those exposed to given diseases and other risks that affect man.  

Epidemiological and socioeconomic evaluation of the health-disease process according to the forms of organization of the animal production.

Syllabus: Develop and extend scientific and technological research on animal health problems in Brazil, especially those that interfere in the production and productivity of species that are economically exploited. 

Development, adaptation and evaluation of biological and chemotherapeutic products for veterinary and human use

Syllabus: Carry our scientific and technological research on antigens, vaccines and chemotherapeutical products for the control and or eradication of the most significant animal diseases and zoonoses in Brazil.

Diagnostic, epidemiology and control of animal diseases.

Syllabus: Carry out research on diagnostic and control methods of diseases of species of economic exploitation, wild and domestic animals, giving priority in solving problems of herds. 

Epidemiology, diagnostic and methods to control zoonoses.

Carry out scientific and technological research on epidemiology, diagnostics and methods to control and eradicate diseases.  

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